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DAY 11 - Sonic Game Challenge 2: 'The Biggest Chonk' [30DOS22]

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Another Saturday, another Sonic Game Challenge for 30 Days of Sonic! As last week, we'll give you a full week until the end of the month to get your entries in so you have enough time to get your affairs in order.

If this is your first time participating, you'll earn this badge:

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If this is your second time participating in Sonic Game Challenge, you'll be eligible for this badge:

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Sonic Game Challenge

'The Biggest Chonk'

Take a screenshot of Sonic whilst in the largest possible Frenzy (Purple Wisp) form in Sonic Colors Ultimate (or the original Sonic Colors, if you prefer)!

All you need to do to complete this challenge is play any stage in the game that features the Purple 'Frenzy' Wisp. From there, once collected and activated, you just need to make sure you chomp on enough scenery and bad guys in order to maintain Frenzy form and eventually grow in size.

There's a limit to the number of times Sonic can grow while in Frenzy form - take a snapshot of your game (using the screenshot feature on your chosen console or PC) and post it in this topic as proof of you reaching the Biggest Chonk.

I am currently looking after a baby and my copy of Colours Ultimate with the full game save happens to be on my PS5 in the living room, so I will find time to add my snapshot of this over the weekend :D

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ah yes, the ultimate edition of Sonic Colors available to play on both PC and Xbox, I got you don't worry



I'll redownload Sonic Colors Ultimate and get a screen of that version only if I have to.


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30 minutes ago, Dr. Mechano said:

You keep saying Sonic Colors Ultimate, but is regular Sonic Colors okay? I'd rather not spend $40 for a remake of a game I already own just to win a forum badge.

Regular Colors is also okay!

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I had to sit through a 5 minute update of the Epic Games Store, remember my password coz I don't just stay logged in like Steam apparently, and then sit through another 5 minute update of the game itself.  Then I had to wait for the Epic Games Store to sync my save data on the cloud because my local save data (2021 Oct 21 10:05pm) didn't match my Cloud save data (2021 Oct 21 10:05pm).

So what can I say?  Definitely a worthy challenge this week!


Oh yeah, the thing.


The downwards lift on Aquarium Park Act 3 is probably my fave chompy section, both the satisfaction of destroying all those blocks, AND a delicious 10-Ring inside every single one.  The lift alone contains over 50 of them, because I had to die to retake the screenshot and respawn from the checkpoint just before!

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The first instance the power up is used, but a fun one nonetheless, Asteroid Coaster Act 1 where after a short time in the stage, Sonic is faced with massive barriers blocking the way with only a new wisp to allow him to move forwards. 

A pretty cool wisp all things considered, allowing Sonic to cause greater destruction and run through thing, at the cost of slippery controls, but it's fun when you get sections that let you chain them together and cause tons of havoc. It's a pretty good intro to the mechanic, and also hides a secret path to the right as well.

(Apologies for the weird image crop, file limitations on SSMB was playing havoc again).

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Glad I waited until the Sonic 3 & Knuckles challenge, meant I could do challenges back to back after dusting the Wii off...

I really need to clean my desk.IMG_20220626_082151_874.thumb.jpg.b03197dd094e23a85922d1f62366363d.jpg

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