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Fine, no Sonic Adventure 3 discussion. BUT DO YOU THINK SONIC 5 IS REAL?!


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Whether the rumor is true, i do think the concept and context of Sonic Team deciding to develop a completely new 2D Sonic game to follow up Mania does make sense. :) :0   


And, especially i think it makes sense that they would ahve decided to release it sometime after Frontiers, there would really be no other way to do it, it gives them a much longer development window as well as, being less likely to be compared to Mania or a proverbial Mania2!

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There's a lot of misinformation around this rumor.

The old "modern 2D sonic in development" rumor and the new ones which come from 4chan are completely unrelated.

The original rumor came from that infamous "leaker" mentioned in the article linked in the first post. That "leaker" said that the game was going to come out for Sonic's 30th anniversary and it obviously didn't came out, it was likely a lie.

A few months ago, a couple of (also unrelated each other) rumors came from 4chan, saying that a new 2D game was in development. One of the rumors specifically called the game "Sonic 5" but claimed to know nothing about the game other than the title, and the other rumor said that the game had Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow playable in 2D, without saying anything about the game's name nor about it being related to the Advance or Rush series.

Those two rumors are more credible than the first one because they came along with other informations and some of them were correct.

- The Sonic 5 rumor predicted that a sequel/reboot of Jet Set Radio was in development

-The other rumor predicted the exact release date of Sonic Origins, timing of Sonic Prime news, and Hack'n'Slash combat in Sonic Frontiers BUT claimed that Knuckles was going to be playable in Sonic CD and Metal in Sonic 1, 2 and 3, though that does not seem to be true.

After those two rumors surfaced, the same "leaker" from the first rumor came out again and said "I was right, the 2D game is still in development, I have more info!!1!" but in fact I think he just came out again only to piggyback those 2 4chan rumors: he's not a reliable source and should be ignored.

This said, even the 4chan rumors are not really that much more reliable. The Sonic 5 one listed a lot of informations about Sega in general and Frontiers, but so far nothing it said was confirmed nor debunked, simply because nothing of what it said happend yet. Jet Set Radio is the only thing that was confirmed and we are not even sure if that was just a coincidence/luck or if it was an actual leak. The post mentioned the specific development team who's working on the game, so if more info will come out and the team is different, the leak is just fake. The second rumor seems to have gotten more stuff right, but all it said was very generic info which could easily be guessed right without actually being an insider (well, except the precise release date of Origins, that was hard to predict but still possible).

As much as I WANT a new game in the style of the Advance series to exist, I still think this rumor has a bigger chance of being false than real.

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