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DAY 14 - Fan Game Favourites 2: 'Fan Hacks' [30DOS22]

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Sally in Sonic 3. This hack comes to show that with enough inventiveness, basically anyone can become Playable and even enhance a game experience overall. Using NICOLE, and her own athletics, Sally makes up for her lack of inherent powers. You can hack traps, dodge enemies, and much more. It also shows that people do still care about characters from those old cartoons and other adaptations. 



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On 6/15/2022 at 11:33 PM, Celestia said:

I think if I had to pick one, my fave mod is Sonic Mania's Misfit Pack.


It's so cool seeing all new and actually really fun level design for some controversial classic levels! And of course the upgraded visuals and remixed music are great. They do some really cool things, particularly in the second Acts, so please play the demos if you can. Or at least watch some videos. I dunno, I'm not your mom.

^ This.

There is really nothing more I could add, you should really check out this mod, it feels like it really could belong into mania.

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