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Do you guys still watch Homestar Runner?


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I bet most of you on this forum 100% know what H★R  is but since the past 10-12 years had received a massive decline in popularity. But it did certainly make the memories for millions around. I bet when you ask a person today who H★R is, they'll prolly won't understand unless they spend a large amount of time on the internet. Alot of the active viewer base of H★R today are mostly old fans of the show in the early 2000s reminiscing about times they've spent watching in their youngers years. Of course there is still a group of humans out there who are still loyal fans and watch the series on the regular like me. Maybe one of those people could be you! Though smaller from the early 2000s H★R still enjoys a small and loyal fanbase. But for the people who liked it a while ago but have forgotten about the series or want a nostalgia trip, this is for you. But a still wish H★R was still mainstream as it was in it's peak cause in my opinion, they still produce great crap and nice the re-watch all old stuff. Or maybe I'm completely wrong about this and have know idea what I'm talking about. What about u?



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