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[EVENT] Sonic Musical Spectacular 2022 - Fin ~ See Final Post

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46 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

You'll need to pick another song since you've already submitted to SEGA General before. 

Ahh that was how it went again, okay, lemmesee... 😅

... FEVER Mode (Sonic Jump Fever)

I think that'd be okay all things considered, sorries for the trouble.

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RosaRosaRosalina was awarded the badge '[Sonic Musical Spectacular 2022] Neon City Zone Cleared! - Used any request in the Sonic Musical Spectacular 2022 event! Jammin'!' and 5 points.

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Alright everyone, that's a wrap for this year's submissions. Thank you to everyone that participated and please look forward to the upcoming stream next weekend! Also be on the look out for badges around that same time and any other updates from Ryan via Status Updates.

Thanks again for another great year!


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Announcement: Due to some last minute hitches with production of our yearly playlist stream, I'm going to have to unfortunately delay the event's airdate to Saturday August 13th/Sunday August 14th. The start time will still be remaining the same.

Once again, I'm incredibly sorry about the delay.

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  • Ryannumber1gamer changed the title to [EVENT] Sonic Musical Spectacular 2022 - Song Submission Deadline - Saturday July 30th 2022 - Playlist Stream Air Date: Saturday August 13th/Sunday August 14th - Please read OP!
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YAY! That was great!

I made sure to add in all the songs that were picked this year to my list too. Lot's of surprises and choices that weren't usually chosen before. Glad we got some firsts in here this time. 

Also glad that I could post the credits too. I understand that the original intended video wasn't finished but if it ever is, I'd still love to see it should you decide to premiere it. I don't really have anything as far as negative feedback. The structure still works and it works well. 

Thanks again for another good event this year and another free Saturday off for me. It was very much appreciated. Now to learn how to play games on the computer. 

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This event was an absolute delight! Comes to show yet again that the songs are Jammin'. I haven't played all of the titles and given how many there are I probably never will so plenty of songs were a first-time listen for me too and one by one they were all great. Even a few meme ones in there for a good laugh. PINGAS!

Thank you to everyone who's helped turn this event into an absolute blast! Looking forward to next time!

Ryan asked for feedback on this event and I actually don't have that much at all. The format about going in order from release keeps a nice track of when your favorite bit comes by so you can tune in around that time. Maybe a smaller-scale trial could be done to see what a shuffled list might create. I can imagine it becoming a more jumbled mess, but that's why I suggest it first be tried on a smaller scale. And not one giant shuffled list, but just like now dividing the games' list into two days.

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Ryan asked for feedback
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Alright, with it having been a week, I think it's time to draw things to a finale on this year of Sonic Musical Spectacular! A big thanks to everyone above who posted feedback! Now then, like previous years, I think it's only right we kick things off with some stats.

  • 30 people submitted requests to create this year's playlist!
  • Around 30 people turned up for the streams on Saturday and Sunday!
  • The total run time of the event this year came out to a staggering ten hours and 40 minutes!
  • Persona and Yakuza once again tied for most SEGA requests - however - Nights jumped up to third place, and the list overall was more varied with new SEGA franchises hitting the list.
  • The requests was overall a bit more varied this year with Classic getting a great deal of love.
  • EU/JP CD, Adventure, Adventure 2, 06, and Forces topped out their lists
  • Sonic Albums was pretty popular despite being a late list addition
  • Sonic Symphony remained a very popular category

Once again, a particular shout-out has to be given to @Dr. Detective Mikethis year, who went above and beyond for the event, not only going through and listing all songs that had been picked + how many times they'd been picked before, but also listing all brand spanking new songs never used before in the event, along with providing the credits of each song during the event itself. Furthermore, I'd also like to give @blueblur98 a shout-out for his dedication to the event, still providing great posters for it for the fourth year running!

Unfortunately, due to a lot of real life things all happening to the different members of the Motobug team, this year was a little tougher compared to past years, which can be seen by the fact we were unfortunately forced to use a playlist format this time instead of the usual custom livestreams that we usually run, due to real life obligations. That said, these things can't really be helped, and I'm still incredibly proud of the team for pulling together to still pull this event off. At the end of the day, the main core of the event was maintained, and everyone was still able to have a great time, and in the end, I think that's all that really matters.

This is our seventh year of running this event, and it's only gotten bigger and bigger as time has gone on. Both in terms of the amount of time and effort placed to give the event a unique flair, along with the sheer scale of the event itself. Never did I ever dream back when this kicked off in year 1 would these events be getting custom artwork, custom livestreams, or even near ten hours of music. Yet here it is, still going nearly a decade later.

During the event, it surprised me to hear how many people saw Musical Spectacular as such a large event. Something to be incredibly excited for every year, something to look forward to, so much so that some take days off work to see it. I never could have ever imagined this event, or Motobug even lasting as long as they both have, and yet it's due to perseverance, passion, and dedication that it's managed to do so, and I am so very thankful of all the members of Motobug who allowed that to happen. All of those who have brainstormed, and helped create this event, and the channel itself and help it last as long as it did.

From @Polkadi~☆'s insanely high quality streams, @Forte-Metallix 's help in running things on Motobug itself and brainstorming ideas, to the excellent artwork of @DanJ86, @Spin Attaxx, @The Deleter, @Failinhearts and many many more, along with everyone who ever attended, and hanged out with us on stream, it's thanks to everyone that seven years on, this event is still able to run. It's because of this community that Motobug itself has managed to last out this long, and I'll always be thankful of that. Motobug started as just a simple streaming platform, something to watch some random streams and provide a place to hang out, not even started by myself, but a member named Rucdose a long time ago. To have it grow into something so large, and something that's enjoyed and liked by a lot of people, it's special. It's something that goes beyond just myself, or a few people, it's something that's only been allowed to last so long and evolve so much because of the community that stood behind it.

I'm very happy to have been able to help bring you all this event once again for another year, and I hope to do so for more years to come. This event of course also wouldn't have been possible without @Strickerx5, who's been sponsoring and helping with the event for years. He's stood by the event for years, and has done so much in terms of helping with management, keeping track of the details, handling the prizes, and so much more. Furthermore, I'd like to give @Christhanks for allowing the event to continue on for so many years. Without these guys, the event would never have gotten as far as it has.

I would also like to give special thanks to @Dreadknux, who has been incredibly supportive of the event as well. As you've all noticed, SSMB is in the middle of a lot of changes, and a lot of tirelessly work has been done by Dread to get things up and running in terms of more community events, providing fun challenges and prizes for taking part within the community, and so much more to add a new fresh breath of air to SSMB.

I'd always hoped for the badge system to come back into effect after updates threw it out of whack, but I never imagined it was going to come along with such a huge revamp like it's done here, and I'm incredibly proud that Sonic Musical Spectacular was able to help usher that in along with 30 Days of Sonic making it's comeback.

Most importantly, I'd like to thank you guys, the community. Motobug wouldn't be nearly as fun to run if it weren't for you guys coming to hang out and have fun watching stuff and taking part in events. It's thanks to you guys and your support that for seven years, this channel has managed to last so long, and grow to such a degree. And once again, I can't leave a Musical Spectacular without giving some mention to the very franchise that's brought this community together - Sonic the Hedgehog - where even after all this time, where even after the highs and the lows, the peaks and valleys, this franchise still brings so many people together to have fun and chill out to his musical history, and this franchise in general.

If you ask me, that's something truly special.

Here's to next year, SSMB!


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  • Ryannumber1gamer changed the title to [EVENT] Sonic Musical Spectacular 2022 - Fin ~ See Final Post

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