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Some information on Sonic Frontiers from the latest Gameinformer Magazine


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For anyone who does not want this information for any reason, don't read blow. Otherwise, continue reading.









Yeah, I took this from the Sonic Frontiers Megathread to make into this topic if you all don't mind. Someone received the latest issue of Gameinformer apparently. Here are the highlights for what was said in it, or a short summary, also from the megathread.


Looks like Big the Cat is back with a mini fishing game.

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Just now, NikoS said:

I'm sold.


I'm double sold.

I am too.

Here are two more things from the article, if they are anything important.

I posted them on the megathread already, but still...


Sonic Frontiers 1.png

Sonic Frontiers 2.png

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So the lightspeed dash is there. I know there were some questions when the IGN guy mentioned it but the footage showed wAs just Sonic going through a path of rings due to a spring, so that’s cool.


edit; this whole thing has made me even more curious

edit 2; wait wait wait. A titan is shown and knocks Sonic away? So the dragon and big 3 armed world boss…aren’t titans??? 😳

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