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Anyone knows any good Podcasts?


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I spend almost a year listening to BumbleKast. A bit long, but I figured out certain tasks and house chores that I could easily do while listening to Flynn talking.

Aaand, I'm done. All of it. Huh. Obviously, BK still updates 3 times a week,  but nevertheless, some of my chores will be much quieter now.

So I'm asking, does anyone knows a good podcast or something similar?

I have only a few requirements
- Sound only, no visuals.
-  I'm looking for something casual, something I might pause and pick up 3 months later with ease. So probably no audiobooks.
- Preferably something that will last me for a while.

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#1 recommendation is QWERPLine from LoadingReadyRun. The format is a comedic fictional morning radio show that takes place in a bizarre small town. It's 40 episodes long thus far with... pretty significant hiatuses in between, though it is still in production.

Otherwise, my diet is mostly topical gaming podcasts. I'll take any opportunity I can to recommend Radio Free Nintendo for both the smartest and stupidest Nintendo discussion on the internet. Vice's Waypoint Radio and Nextlander are other mainstays for me.

I also got a lot of enjoyment from 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back, a bad (or weird) book club from Mike Nelson and Conner Lastowka from Rifftrax, and Albummer, a bad (or weird) album club from the crew of Two Minutes to Late Night. And last, the Bugle, a UK (and global) political comedy show that's been going on for 15 years.

Though I'll also second the question, I'm also open to gaming podcast recommendations. With the recent shake-ups at Giant Bomb, their stuff has been hit and miss with me lately, and I'm on the lookout for new intelligent and/or funny game podcasts.

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There's not a TON of it yet (mentioning since you requested that, ideally), but it's a pretty winner of a subject to suggest here - The Hill is Always Greener:

Hosted by several long-standing talents in the community most known for their work on Sonic F and Sonic Shorts (Gamebuddy123, Cyberlink420, RocktheJake, Faulerro), it's just a chill, funny, and mostly positive discussion of just various subjects in the series, such as the transition to Sonic Adventure above, Sonic pinball games, the notorious "Sonic Bible" as well as more unique stuff like a two episode recap/review of the Championship Arc from the Archie Comics, complete with full use of their talents as voice actors (and connections with other fan voice artists) to create many scenes from said comic like mini snippets from an audiodrama version and everything.

The elevator pitch (and usual introduction to each episode) is that they're all old 30-somethings and they love Sonic so let's chat about it.

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