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Higround Reveals Sonic and Dreamcast PC Keyboard Range, Coming in August

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This topic was good and got turned into Higround Reveals Sonic and Dreamcast PC Keyboard Range, Coming in August at some point.

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Soon you'll be able to send those work emails out in style! Accessories brand Higround has announced a range of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega Dreamcast-themed PC keyboards, due for release on August 5.

There will be three main designs available, each with their own vibrant colour scheme. For classic Sonic fans, Higround will be selling a keyboard that features an entire scene from Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone across the entire face and keys. It's incredibly busy-looking, but we imagine touch-typers won't be bothered by all the spritework at play here.


The second of the three keyboards leans heavily on Sonic Adventure 2's aesthetic, with character art of Sonic and Shadow adorning either side and silhouettes of Sonic's friends highlighting the feature keys. We particularly like the Chao head on the Escape button there. This one might be our favourite-looking.


Last but not least, Higround's final keyboard is directly inspired by SEGA's final home console, the Dreamcast. You can see outlines of the Dreamcast console itself within the keys, and the arrow keys are highlighted with colours from the classic platform's controller face buttons too.


Higround describes the range as thus on its website: "Sonic the Hedgehog and Dreamcast inspired a generation of gamers, and at Higround, we aspire to follow that path of innovation — fusing art and technology to make our dreams a reality."

The brand is also selling capsule packages which feature a number of T-shirts and other nik-naks too. We imagine these are going to be sold out pretty fast though, so act quickly! The store will open on 5th August at 12pm PT - you can head to their website here to sign up for early access. Photos of the product range can be seen below.


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