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Sean's mods for RSDK Sonic games! (S1/2/CD mobile remakes)


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Recently I've been learning how to create mods for the decompilations of the Taxman version of Sonic CD and Taxman/Stealth versions of Sonic 1 and 2. So here's everything I've released so far grouped within one thread, I hope people check them out and let me know what they think!

1. Ability modifications

  • Knuckles' Wall Spindash [ Sonic 1 (Forever) / Sonic 2 (Absolute) / Sonic CD ] - Implements an obscure ability Knuckles had in Sonic Advance 3 when paired up with Amy. Rev a spindash while climbing walls! It makes exploration much more quick than ever before. The version for CD is not an actual mod release but rather a simple tutorial on how to implement it for the standalone Knuckles mod or Sonic CD Restored (via the & Knuckles addon mod).

2. Quality of life tweaks (for non-modded base decompilations only unless indicated otherwise)

  • Time Warp Control [ Sonic CD ] - Gives the player the ability to control when to initiate time warp by pressing up while moving. Press down while the icon in the lower left corner is blinking to cancel time warp and retain the sign instead of losing it like normal.
  • Bouncy Floor Control [ Sonic CD ] - Gives the player the ability to toggle the bouncy floor state in Wacky Workbench by pressing up anywhere in the level.
  • CD Drowning SFX [ Sonic 1 / Sonic 2 ] - Replaces the drowning jingle with the CD sound effect, leaving music uninterrupted. This is actually a script update that I made for which I had permission from the original creator to upload, there was no real work done on my part for this one. Note that this feature is already included in Sonic 1 Forever and Sonic 2 Absolute, so if you are playing those versions there is no need to download this mod.
  • CD Extra Life SFX [ Sonic 1 / Sonic 2 ] - Replaces the 1up jingle with the CD sound effects, leaving music uninterrupted. Sonic has his "YES!" voice clip while other characters use the time stone jingle as in Sonic CD 2011.
  • Disable Time Limit [ Sonic 1 / Sonic 2 / Sonic CD ] - Removes the 9:59 time limit from the games and Sonic's "I'm Outta Here!" game over in Sonic CD when standing still for about three minutes. There is also an option for Sonic CD to use the classic timer from Sonic 1 (5:00 versus 5'00"00). Note that this feature is already included in Sonic 1 Forever, Sonic 2 Absolute, and Sonic CD Restored (when using & Knuckles).
  • Power-up Timer Indicator [ Sonic 1 / Sonic 2 / Sonic CD ] - Displays invincibility and/or speed shoes on the HUD, letting you know when power-up duration is about to end by rapid blinking. This mod also implements partial clock monitor behavior for CD, which normally does nothing in the 2011 release.

3. Miscellaneous tweaks

  • LampPost Rewards [ Sonic 1 / Sonic 2 / Sonic CD ] - Lamp posts reward players with items and points based on the number of rings on hand, just like in SA2.
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This mod lets you earn lamp post rewards based on the amount of rings you currently have on hand, just like SA2! The rewards are as follow:

  • 19-39 rings: +10 rings, 100 points
  • 40-59 rings: +20 rings, 200 points
  • 60-79 rings: speed shoes, 500 points
  • 80-99 rings: invincibility, 800 points
  • 100-199 rings: shield, 1000 points (if the player already has a shield, then they earn a 1up and 1500 points instead)
  • 200+ rings: S power-up, 5000 points (unlikely to be obtained unless the player scours the level for rings)



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This mod displays invincibility and speed shoes icons on the HUD when active, similar to certain fan projects such as Triple Trouble 16-Bit and SRB2. The icons will rapidly blink when the power-ups are about to end, which is helpful for many reasons including accommodating for people with hearing impediments or who mute the game's music, as well as additional power-ups conflicting with the intended sound cue. Comes in two flavors!



https://gamebanana.com/mods/395085 - for Sonic CD
https://gamebanana.com/mods/395123 - for Sonic 1
https://gamebanana.com/mods/395140 - for Sonic 2

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