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You Can Stop Jumping Now, Tails, Sonic Origins Has a Patch

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This topic was good and got turned into You Can Stop Jumping Now, Tails, Sonic Origins Has a Patch at some point.

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While we love Sonic Origins here at Stadium, there's no denying that bits of that collection released rough. Sometimes palette change animations would freeze, sometimes the game would forget that you've collected all the Super Emeralds, and sometimes Tails' AI in Sonic 2 would fail to despawn him when he's too far away, causing him to run into a wall and jump. And jump. And jump. And jump. Until you relive the PTSD of your 5-year-old sibling taking the second controller back in 1992.

We finally have our first major patch for the game, and it sounds like it addresses at least one (if not more) of the game's major issues. MP1st (who in turn grabbed the info from PS4 update history), lists the brief patch notes that are vague in some areas, and very specific in others:



Added features to the “Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles” sound test
– Fixed track mismatches in the Museum for certain music tracks included in the Classic Music Pack
– Corrected an issue in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 where Tails goes off-screen and is unable to rejoin
– Additional bug fixes

Track mismatches refers to a handful of mislabeled tracks included in the Classic Music DLC, such as the track names being swapped for Sonic Spinball's bonus stage and boss fight music, or the Credits/Menu/Invincible themes in 3D Blast. And while we don't yet have a sense of what "Additional bug fixes" encompasses, it's a relief to know I can safely traverse Metropolis Zone without Miles mashing his distant immortal face into a wall for five straight minutes.

The patch has not propagated to every platform at time of writing, but keep an eye out over the next few days.

Comments that make the joke "but did they patch out the bad music" will not be approved, because I saw that coming a mile away, and thus it is not as clever as you think it is. Those comments should be directed at YouTube and Twitter, where they will join the 4000 people also making that joke.

Thanks to DauntlessMonk for the news tip.


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