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Fall Guys Event: Sonic's Adventure (August 11th-15th)


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The Sonic Event that was teased in the last Sonic Central has now been officially revealed!


A preview of the Sonic specific Round has appeared during Loading Screens


It looks like we might have to collect Rings?


Here's some info that's not been posted yet

  • The new Round is called the Bean Hill Zone
  • Besides a brand new Tails Costume, there will also be a Super Sonic & Eggman Costume.


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I have some good news & some bad news

Someone datamined the event and we now know some more information


Good News



As I thought, players will be awarded for collecting Rings and for how far they run throughout the entirety of the Event


These are the free Rewards for participating in the Event:

  1. Sonic Styled Nameplate - Unlocks after collecting 200 XP
  2. 200 Kudos - Unlocks after collecting 400 XP
  3. Sonic Styled Pattern Skin - Unlocks after collecting 600 XP
  4. 400 Kudos - Unlocks after collecting 800 XP
  5. Sonic Shoes (Lower Costume Item) - Unlocks after collecting all 1,000 XP


Bad News



All of the Costumes and the new Sonic Emote, including the Sonic & Knuckles Costumes that were available before Fall Guys became Free to Play, now cost Show-Bucks.

Show-Bucks is a new currency that requires real money to get. It is possible to get 1,000 free Show Bucks but you'd have to complete the entire 100 Tier Prize List (and possibly need a Season Pass unless you're a veteran player). Even then, you won't have enough to get everything.

If you already have both the top and bottom parts of the Sonic & Knuckles Costumes before the game became Free to Play, you're good. If you only have half of the Costume, you'll have to pay less Show-Bucks for the other half of the Costume (I believe it's 400 Show-Bucks...).

So you have the Sonic & Knuckles Costume, you'll need 2,400 Show-Bucks to unlock the Tails Costume, Eggman Costume, Super Sonic Costume, and "You're Too Slow" Emote.

If you have none of the Sonic Costumes, you'll need 3,600 Show-Bucks to get everything.

Show-Bucks Bundle Costs (US dollars)

  • $8 = 1,000 Show-Bucks
  • $20 = 2,800 Show-Bucks (+12%) = 3,136 Show-Bucks
  • $32 = 5,000 Show-Bucks (+25%) = 6,250 Show-Bucks
  • $80 = 13,500 Show-Bucks (+35%) = 13,500 Show-Bucks


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