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Sonic Frontiers has Denuvo.


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2 hours ago, Dr. Mechano said:

If I get this game, it'll be the Switch version, so this won't apply to me at least.

Still a bummer for PC players though.

Yeah, I'll look forward for some sale discount on eshop in the distant future.

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Sad, but not surprising as other people said here. 

Being a PC gamer is always 50/50: You either eat better than anyone else(mods, cheaper games, better graphics and performance)or get the short end of the stick(Denuvo, Always Online, not being able to play a game because you are stuck with a potato). 

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This is nothing new. Sort of given up on it nowadays since just about everything Sega releases has it.

Shit has such a minimal hit on my rig (if at all) that it probably won't matter in the end (hasn't before if I'm being honest). I could get the PS5 version but tbh this game probably isn't going to be all that difficult to run by the looks of it so I'd rather opt for the 120fps.

So overall, shity, but sadly something I'm probably going to forget in an hour.

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