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How do you feel about Movie Tails?


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How do you feel about Tails' portrayal in Sonic the Hedgehog 2?  For me, I was okay with his portrayal.  I thought that he was a pretty cute character and I do like the fact that he's actually less cowardly in the movies and is willing to take action when the situation calls for it.  But on the other hand, I felt that his friendship with Sonic was a bit underdeveloped in the movie and I wished that Tails had his own story arc in the movie where he's able to take on a threat by himself. However, I do understand that we are seeing a Tails who is not as experienced as his game counterpart, just like how Sonic in the first movie wasn't quite as experienced with his powers until the second movie came out and he's a bit more experienced. So we might see more of Tails handling threats by himself in the third movie. 

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I thought he was fine - for his first movie. He’s humble, he’s very sweet, he’s incredibly smart, and his moral compass is firmly pointing in the right direction. He’s also a little shy/nervous, and needed Sonic to give him that confidence boost several times to properly join in on various parts of the adventure. His relationship/bond with Sonic isn’t quite there yet since in ‘movie time’ he’d only known him a day or two by the time they beat Eggman, and then however long after the baseball scene takes place. Comparing at Tails at the beginning of the film (‘lolnope, I’m not a field guy, I was not expecting to be invited along and I’m out of my depth’) to the Tails at the end of the film, using his tech to go straight in to the control room of the Death Egg Robot to knowingly go face to face with Eggman and having the confidence to do that. So I do think he had a character development arc, it’s just that like Sonic in movie 1 we meet Tails a little earlier in his life/development than we did in the games. We also got light hints at how his life back in his village is, but we didn’t see it like we saw young Knux in his tribal village.


How I feel about Tails at the moment is ‘he’s fine’. However, he needs his Adventure game arc to happen in the movies to properly develop as a hero and I’m hoping he gets that in the next movie. But I’m worried about how many new and additional characters they might try add to the 3rd movie because everyone new needs their own breathing space and there might therefore not be as much space for Tails to have his Adventure arc. He might either be glossed over, or have his arc done rushed or half-heartedly because of everything else going on.


If we knew a bit more about the tv show then characters may get some more room to develop outside of a cramped 1.5-2 hour movie frame and pacing, but at the moment nothing is really clear on where they might take or develop their existing cast. I’d love them to give all the characters their proper arcs, but I do feel that Movie 2 glossed over Tails a bit in favour of Knux being the bigger star with the bigger celeb voice actor, and also Tails didn’t get the ‘chaos energy’ lightning that both Sonic and Knux have by default, so in terms of clout he kinda feels like he’s the weakest and least significant guardian of the Master Emerald going into the 3rd movie, so that’s where my slight worry over how they will handle him in 3 comes from.

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I adore him. The tail blanket scene elevated the movie for me by like a million points. It's pretty much the first thing I think of when I think of the film.

I'm still sore about him being very much crowded out of his own introduction movie by... multiple factors. But that's not "his" fault, if that makes sense. The things he did do pretty consistently made me happy. I just wanted more.

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Hooooo boy it's time to talk about my favorite Sonic character! So prepare for a long read!

TL;DR: He's perfectly set up to be the Tails we came to know and love in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. A healthy dose of self-doubt if he's good enough, but being fully competent to carry out the mission! Now they just need to follow it through in movie 3.



I was so hyped seeing Tails at the end teaser of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, coming through that portal with a soundtrack sounding oddly reminiscent of the iron man theme, the teddybear look is maybe a bit too fluffy and not quite foxy, but I love it either way.

Now for the second movie propper:

What's left to say what hasn't been said here already? I completely agree with @caitash that the movie sets him up nicely for a Sonic Adventure 1 arc. He's portrayed as a humble, sweet, morally orderly good, clever and intelligent fox that knows how machines work. Even his inventions look nice with his own design flavour, but those felt more like a substitute for the blue and red electric energy Knuckles and Sonic sported in abundance.

Though a few scenes made him look a bit too fanboyish to my taste (the starry-eyed look he gave sonic hopping in the car, nerding out super hard about sonic in the middle of their getaway, commenting about "A buttcopter, only SONIC can say a thing like that"), they were mercifully brief.

All for Tails being a real big fan about Sonic just being cool for wanting to be different than others and being totally okay with. While Tails as we've heard is actually a bit of an oddity in the community he lives in, like he doesn't belong there and Sonic being somewhere where he really looks like he REALLY doesn't belong and actually fitting in.
man that was wordy... in short: Tails motivation to look up to Sonic is being ok with being different and owning it, regardless what others think. That's some seriously powerful motivation for young kids and adults, Believe in (my) yourself.

Tails in this movie goes through a bit of an odd behavior arc to me. He's not afraid to completely RAM Knuckles to the side in a police car and play GTA with the getaway car before crashing it into the forest while he flies on out with Sonic in tow, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 style. Stellar animations and facial expressions! After that he's hesitant to go with Sonic going on some adventure even though he just knocked "the most dangerous fighter in the known galaxy" into a tree, maybe it's a heat of the moment thing.

The Pivonka dance-off was just great to see, people criticize the choice of Uptown Funk being the selected song, I wasn't offended by it, it fit the rhythm, but yeah you could have substituted it for something else. Tails was hesitant at first, but once the flow started and Sonic's infectious can-do-attitude got into him he busted moves and had a great time. Seeing Tails have a great time is having a great time yourself. Holographic back-ups, th.. th.. there's more Tails'!?
And getting a pat on the back from Sonic that Tails did great really sweetened the deal, some well-earned recognition for the yellow flash. And the sleeping scene was just a sweet back and forth.

Then we get to him being knocked out for a big chunk of the movie right after Sonic and Knuckles got their snowboarding fight. Unfortunately, after that, it's Sonic and Knuckles taking center stage everywhere you look with Eggman playing 3rd. Tails being left by the wayside wasn't bad, it's basically the product of two rivaling protagonists going head to head and basically enacting Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles with Eggman. A sidekick needs to be sacrificed from time to time to prop up the main protagonist and that's basically what happened here.

I do hope in the 3rd movie we get the movie more centered around Shadow and Tails. Shadow because well... duh, Knuckles is getting his mini-series, so I feel Tails really REALLY deserves some good time in the sun in movie 3. Make him the tech guy to figure out the lab stuff, make him be the fox with the plan on how to stop the doomsday scenario setting that the 3rd movie will probably have. And please, please, please give him his own chaos energy effect. He feels left out.


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