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Freedom Planet 2 is finally released!


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21 hours ago, Cuz said:

Looking forward to this for sometime. How will it compare to the orignal?

It has hubworlds where you can interact with NPCS and explore, and stages are divided into episodes. There’s also a guard dash, sorta like Sonic’s Instashield, that you can use to dodge attacks with timing, and there are items you can purchase and use.

If you liked the original, this has more to offer…it should after 7 years of development.

Also, the levels are just BEAUTIFUL and detailed. All in all, I’d say it’s worth the wait.

Just don’t play it like a Sonic game unless you want it to suck. They’ve done everything they could to set themselves on their own path from despite the inspirations, and it shows—Freedom Planet 2 is it’s own thing.

Also, I’m surprised they got the fucking VA of Jinx from League of Legends voicing one of the characters! I heard her once and was like “no fucking way is this voice who I think it is!”

EDIT: Good fucking lord, you will see the amount of work they put into this game. Probably more than they ever put into the first game.

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So I beat the game.

Just gonna give fair warning to anyone out there interested


Merga is guaranteed to fuck you up the first time you fight her.

She caught me off guard, then (in much kinder words) called me a weak bitch for losing.

”I fought better” my ass after going full Final Dreadnought on me mid-way in the game. Ruthless bitch…


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