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Feedback Forum: Give SEGA a Break!

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Feedback Forum: Give SEGA a Break! at some point.

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Sega has had its ups and downs - more downs than ups, but that was due to its consoles, not the games created for them. Sega tried to make the most out of every console they made (including the Sega Saturn, which was a mongoose to program for). So I believe that Sega is pretty good when it comes to making games. Just look in your local arcade for Christ's sake! How many Sega cabinets do you see? Most of the games are made by them!


Whether they are very good programmers or not, the Dreamcast has been going downhill, after a strong start. Compare that to the success of the Mega Drive and Master System (which seem to be Sega's only successful machines). If you hadn't noticed, then I may as well tell you that every Dreamcast made and sold loses Sega about £60, due to price cuts. Not great at all.

But, of course, the games for Dreamcast are practically THE FINEST. Ever. Full. Stop. No doubt about it. Sega may not be the finest console manufacturers, but their dedicated programming team makes them the BEST developers in the WORLD. It's just a shame that to appreciate their great work, you need to buy one of their consoles, which no-one seems to want to do (due to their past consoles being absolute dump).

Now you are starting to see why Sega is producing games for rival consoles and basically donating Dreamcast technology to set top boxes and mobile phones and so on. As well as part of the world-share plan, the deal is to not only get them out of the red and into the black, but also win them something else: RESPECT. Sega isn't stupid. It knows it will never reach the mainstream quite like Sony, because of the public's current faith in them.


But as well as making games for others, Sega is still being true to its fans - the ones that actually bought a Dreamcast. Sega realises that the real fans are at home with their Dreamcasts, not PS2s or whatever. This is where Sega is being extra generous: ensuring it keeps its hardcore fans happy, other-console fans happy and itself as a company happy. It will make old Dreamcast games for other consoles and people will yell out 'JESUS CHRIST! CRAZY TAXI ON PS2' - these games will no doubt be massive hits.

You must admit, Sega IS very smart for making this move, and this is an ingenious plan. Giving rival console owners a piece of Sega action will get them money, while still providing to the fans who have stuck with them. Meanwhile, stopping production of the Dreamcast won't lose them any more money. In no time, Sega will have gained a ton of money worldwide, masses of console owners' trust, and shoots them right at the top of the world shares with their planned 25% of the market.

Sega going third-party, as well as staying loyal to Sega fans, is a bit of a handful - but it can pull it off because hey, it's SEGA! Any problems that EA will 'tell' them shouldn't bother the company, because these guys programmed for the Saturn, and EA didn't. Sega will be dominant! Sega fanatics: be proud, not sad - your favourite company is soon to be everybody else's favourite company too.


There we go, that was the first Feedback Forum. This space is where you can send in your thoughts on any subject found from the news section (or, the subject I am talking about in Dreadknux's Forum). Post a thought by clicking HERE and clicking on the 'Feedback Forum' board.




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