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Idea for Surge’s backstory


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For a twist the knife scenario.


How about before Starline; Surge was a fangirl of Sonic not unlike Amy. Maybe even got to be saved by him once.


Starline found her a big fan of Sonic and thought twisting her to hate Sonic; perhaps even tricking her into volunteering for the procedure since he said that he could make her just like him.

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It's a good idea, but I feel like Surge could then easily be "fixed" by restoring her memories. I think she needs something to back up her hate of Sonic that is not related to Starline... especially since they seem to be using her to give Sonic more villains, especially ones who can match Sonic in some way, but who aren't Shadow (or Scourge.)

It could be like one of those situations where Sonic inadvertently destroyed her hometown while saving the world or something. Maybe her town was lost before Sonic could get there, or he was off doing something like running off the metal virus and wasn't able to help her town. Like how "Batman v. Superman" started with us seeing why people would fear Superman by showing us the ground-level POV.

But that might be a bit far for a kids' comic, but you never know.
Just my thoughts

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