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Tails 30th Anniversary Comic - Cover A Reveal


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I've always adored the classic Sonic logo, so it's awesome seeing it being used again. And the cover art is just delightful. They really know how to capture the spirit of classic Sonic. Looks like Aaron Hammerstrom's work.

Still weird to me that Sega is allowing them to use Witchcart. Even by classic Sonic standards she was a bizarre addition to Sonic's villain roster. Looking forward to seeing how Ian utilizes her classic incarnation, especially considering how well he updated her in the Archie comics.


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Witchcart is huge, guys. This is the first non-Eggman human appearance in years. Along with TailsTube reminding us of humans' role in the series, it looks like the human embargo may finally be lifting.

The art itself is really nice too. Glad Tails is getting an anniversary issue. I'm really looking forward to reading it!

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While I generally liked the approach in Archie with the Egg Bosses (speaking strictly on reboot) it was kind of a shame the majority of the villains did kind of just fall under Eggman, even those that could be independent like the Battle Bird Armada or Witchcart (though Archie's worldview is completely different from the games, which IDW is based on, and in context it made some sense even if it felt like a waste). It's cool to see something new potentially be done in a new setting with characters like Witchcart and maybe others we didn't get to spend much time with. I will miss Witchcart clowning on Naugus though.

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