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Some DLC news for Sonic Frontiers, Monster Hunter style!


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I couldn't give a shit about Monster Hunter no matter how hard I tried (and I assure you I did try), but I gotta say, we're up to four different cosmetic DLCs (including whatever the heretofore-unrevealed preorder one is) and that's extremely encouraging towards the idea that there's a bunch of unlockable ones. It's seeming more like the Forces DLC items by the day.

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So did Sonic just murder and harvest the Rathalos from SmashBros?


I can dig it. Might hint at a trend of being able to harvest the Frontiers bosses and wear their remains around as trophies.

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Seems appropiate, there are a couple of Sonic collabs on MH games already. One in MH4:Ultimate and another on the last installment, MH:Rise.

Sonic gotta gear up for Attack plus and Weakness Exploit ! (Common bonus skills from the Rathalos armor set). There's also a blue version, from the Azure Rathalos, but I suppose It wouldn't contrast too well with Sonic and the Azure isn't as iconic as the regular one since it's a subspecie.

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