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Sonic the Hedgehog IDW: Tails 30th Anniversary Special - Preview


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I find it interesting how Tails already knows about Witchcart in this book. That suggests this is actually a sequel to Tails Skypatrol rather than an adaptation (It may explain why this book is set on Flicky Island instead of the one from the game).

I wonder if this also means Witchcart is also out for revenge after Tails defeated her last time?

EDIT: Just reading into this preview a bit more. I like how the two take a very different approach to the investigation, with varing results. Tails is the one who deduces that Witchcart is behind what's going on on the island by taking a slow, methodical approach, while Sonic just runs around aimlessly, whith little success.


I wonder if Sonic's impulsiveness is what eventually gets him captured by Witchcart (as seen in Cover B).


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