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Sonic Frontiers Showdown Trailer released


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I guess this kinda confirms Sonic Frontiers will have CGI cutscenes because the scene of Sonic fighting the Titan was leaked from the game recently.

Oh god, this trailer is so cool. The best trailer since Sonic and the Black Knight

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That trailer...hoo lawd, I need to fan myself like a 1800s British noblewoman. I can't remember the last time Sonic went so hard with a trailer. What a drastic contrast to the first few trailers for the game. My hype levels are reaching a fever pitch.

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I know Unleashed is known for it's CGI quality, but this trailer's CGI is the best Marza has done for the games yet (at least to me)! They really outdid themselves here! I just hope that the CGI stuff isn't exclusively for trailers & such, and that there's some sort of CGI cutscenes in the actual game. Seeing as Lost World was the last time we got any of those in the mainline series.

But that Super Sonic sequence tho...OOhh boy! I don't think my hype could've peaked any higher than it already was!

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