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Sonic Frontiers - Undefeatable music track


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  • ShinyGems changed the title to Sonic Frontiers - Undefeatable music track

Words cannot express the genuine raw blood pumping hype I was feeling the moment this song kicked in and I realized not only what was happening, but that I could use ALL of the moves I'd unlocked in this fight, but much stronger than before. This is straight up some Metal Gear Rising stuff right here and they should absolute go even further beyond with these kind of fights from now on. EVERY boss fight in every future Sonic game should be hype like this, whether it uses Super forms or not.

I love this so damn much, you have NO idea. The only negative is that you can't refight them without restarting the whole game from the beginning.

With that said, I've just restarted the game from the beginning.

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I can't believe they went out and put out video footage like damn, couldn't keep it just vocals? The surprise is part of what makes it so epic. Still!! It was SO hype seeing this play out live like-- have we had such dynamic battles since Unleashed? I don't think so! Not to mention the vocals!!!!! It hits all the right notes for me because it's the type of music I like to listen to nowadays. Those Stand Atlantic and RedHook type songs, y'know? Glorious.

But yes actually to Ratcicle King.. I did, indeed, look it up as soon as I *ahem* lost.. the boss fight. ^^;

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You know I'm happy that Crush 40 isn't involved with the series anymore if this is the standard of the new stuff coming out.

The vocal tracks coming out of this game are the best in the last 20 years by a country mile.

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Minor spoiler. If you've made it beyond boss 2 feel free to click



The funny thing is, the theme for Giganto was so fitting and epic that I was 1000% sure it would be the theme for all the Titan Boss fights, so I let my guard down an got caught by a sucker punch when the next boss had its own head banger to call its own.



Music in this game is on point.

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