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If you were in charge of making a fully animated sonic movie and you weren't allowed to bring back any previous actors, who would you cast?

The Great Egg Emperor

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Inspired by this twitter post: 

The rules here are that you are not allowed to cast any of the previous voice actors from games, movies, or shows, unless they voice another character (for example, Roger Craig Smith voicing Espio instead of Sonic). Other than that, you are free to cast whoever you want.

My cast would be:

Max Mittelman: Sonic

Either Erica Mendez, Cassandra Lee Morris, or some young male VA: Tails

Cherami Leigh or Kimiko Glenn: Amy

Tim Curry or Mark Hamill: Eggman (ideally, I'd want Tim Curry, but only if he came out of retirement.

Zeno Robinson (or maybe Jesse McCartney): Silver

Anairis Quiñones: Rouge

Cristina Vee: Blaze

That's about it for me.


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