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How's the music/soundtrack in Sonic Prime?

The Great Egg Emperor

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I haven't seen Prime yet, so I am curious.


First off, I heard that the first episode did not have a theme song. Is this just a first episode thing, or is there not a theme song for the entire show? And if there is a theme song, is it any good?

Now for the soundtrack. After the movie's soundtrack disappointed me beyond all belief, my hope is that Prime's soundtrack will be better. I just want a piece of non-game Sonic media to have a soundtrack that I can jam out too.

So, is the soundtrack for Sonic Prime any good?


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5 minutes ago, LegoFedora said:

There is no theme song for any episode, unfortunately. And as for how good the soundtrack is otherwise...

...don't get your hopes up. It's forgettable at best.

This would make Sonic Prime the first Sonic TV show not to have a theme song, correct?

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It actually uses music from the games, at least once that I noticed. 


Episode 7. There's a psuedo-16 bit flashback to the S3K Hidden Palace fight between Sonic and Knuckles. It plays both the Hidden Palace music and Knuckles' theme from the game.

As for the theme tune, there's not much of one. Simple credits music too. The music throughout the episodes is dynamic and engaging though. It's not like Boom where the show felt eerily quiet and basic most of the time. 

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Definitely a step-up from Boom and much more in-line with the games in terms of using a mixture of rock and electronic cues alongside typical cartoon "orchestra but not GRAND orchestra" stuff.  As far as I can tell though it's all just score and cues for the specific scenes, much like the movie soundtrack, not really something that would be good to listen to standalone like say, Sonic X's soundtrack (which used the typical anime "we made like 30 1-3 minute long cues for the whole series and re-use them where they fit" style) since the music never stays doing one thing or prioritises melody over emotion for too long.

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1 hour ago, jungle_penguins said:

The credits have the theme song (as in the show has a theme song listed in the credits and I assume the credits music is that). The other show music fits the show but that's about it, I do think the credits music is surprisingly good but I'm alone in this lol.

You're not alone, I agree.

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There's one song I really like, when Sonic is going through the tests behind a pane of glass for the Egg Council in... episode 1/2? Before it transitions to an orchestral theme and Sonic runs so fast he short-circuits the city.

Otherwise, the music fits tonally and does a good job at emphasizing whatever emotion they want to portray, but doesn't stand out much and isn't memorable in isolation.

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