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Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog Blu-Ray


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This came In the post today Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog Blu-Ray from Amazon UK. I'm glad this Is on Blu-Ray now so I can watch this classic Sonic cartoon again which all started back In the 90's and nostalgic and vibes as well. It truly is a classic Sonic cartoon I used to watch this on Channel 4 when It first aired.IMG_20230109_161901_392.thumb.jpg.0e5d8219a8c4604e98eb08b87b6e56e2.jpg

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42 minutes ago, MGA_Gamer said:

Yes! I remember seeing an episode of The Big Breakfast on YouTube where a sample of the AoSTH episode "Tails Prevails" aired during Chris Evans' last show!

Wow that's awesome I'll have to watch that on YouTube and I certainly remember The Big Breakfast as well which also on Channel 4 as well. I used to watch that every mornings when having my breakfast watching It.

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1 hour ago, MGA_Gamer said:

Found the clip!

Wow thanks for finding this will watched this later on tonight 😊

9 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

Very surprised it works in the UK. I was incredibly interested in getting X’s set from the same company, but reviews on Amazon indicated it was region-locked to the US, making it a no go.

I put the disc In my Xbox Series X this evening saying It can't play the Region A because It's region locked. I press the Y button on my controller and select top menu and It started playing on my UK Xbox Series X blu ray player no problems and watched a couple of episodes this evening.

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