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HedgeMod Manager on Steam Deck?


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Right, so I just got a Steam Deck. Cue the streamers and confetti, and whatnot. I can finally do some juicy PC gaming.

And first thing I wanna do is mod my Sonic games. But with the Steam Deck running on Linux, it ain't as easy as installing HedgeMod Manager, flicking a few switches and calling it a day.

Instead, there's all this compatibility layers, and Wine, and Protontricks, Tinkerers, and whatnot. And no guide has been consistent or helpful in me getting Generations to run modded. Especially for things like the Direct 11 mod that can drastically improve performance on Deck.

Every guide, video or otherwise for getting HedgeMod Manager working is done tailor made for Frontiers.

What advice, guide, etc. can I get to help a Linux dumb dumb noob like me who has never modded a game in his life get Generations modded on Deck?

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