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First 4 Figures Gauges Interest in Line of Chao Statues

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This topic was good and got turned into First 4 Figures Gauges Interest in Line of Chao Statues at some point.

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First 4 Figures announced on Twitter today that they are looking into doing a series of statues featuring Chao.


While there are no actual announcements, they provided some quick-and-dirty concept art for a Dark Garden statue featuring three dark Chao including a Shadow Chao.


Chao were most recently featured in First 4 Figures’ Amy Rose Definitive Edition statue, but have not been prominently featured in their own statue.


If you are interested in the potential line of high end (and likely very expensive) Chao statues, you can let First 4 Figures know via this form.


Thanks to Hyper Metal Sonic for the news tip!






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They do really nice statue's for the Sonic etc. But the only problem with them Is they are just too expensive with them. I do have one Sonic first 4 figures which Is the Sonic Generations one only because I found It half price from a retailer couple of years ago. Don't get me wrong they do nice Sonic statues but I don't justify there prices that's the only downside with them. Now If the price Is more reasonable I would probably buy from them. But that's just my own opinion.

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