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PAC-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: About the Ghosts Themselves

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First of all, if you’re interested in seeing a pretty interesting part of Blinky’s character getting revealed, and since I’ll be referencing it throughout this, the clip is in this Twitter link! This entire episode made me lose my miiiinddd! https://twitter.com/squaredshine/status/1613382138925125632?s=61&t=G8eomvKHqa_JZhzh-qO6hw

(You could also just watch Season 2 Episode 9. Whichever one you prefer!)

I’m just gonna be rambling about the ghost gang (Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) because they’re my favorite part of the show, and I think I could start a good discussion on them for those who are interested in conversing about it. (I doubt anybody here actually watches Ghostly Adventures, but oh well, worth a shot right?)

To start off, I hate how how they constantly foreshadowed Blinky’s backstory, along with all the other ghosts for that matter, and then just didn’t deliver in the end.

Makes me think that Blinky probably didn’t die to become a ghost, nor did the rest of the ghost gang. They clearly weren’t ready to die, and they wouldn’t have ended up in the Nether Realm if they did. They have good intentions, as a lot of situations in the series show.

As revealed in the clip, Blinky learned and mastered PAC-Fu, a martial art that’s meant to be used solely to protect PAC-World. Even throughout the entire episode, he refuses to use it for evil, proving his intentions are good, and that he will still follow the code of using that martial art. (For those watching the clip out of context, he was using it as somewhat of a demonstration, it was probably for a more dramatic reveal. Listen this is just about as “dramatic” as the show gets, just trust me when I say he wasn’t being chaotic in the clip lol)

This makes me believe that they might’ve been banished by mistake somehow, because they’re all ghosts of very innocent souls. Take Clyde for example, he’s a big sweet cinnamon roll, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly! Why was he banished to the Nether Realm? He wouldn’t do anything wrong if his life depended on it!

And Pinky? She’s a bit snarky, yes, and she has some clear anger issues, but in the end she’s looking for love! She wouldn’t do anything super serious that would lead her to getting banished either.

Inky I’m not too sure about, they really didn’t give him much depth. So that’s just up for debate, honestly.

There’s so much open-endedness in this show! They never answered any of these questions! I want to know why they were banished to the Nether Realm - and for God sake I want to know what their living bodies would’ve looked like! That would’ve been really interesting, that totally could’ve happened in an episode right around the corner!

It probably would’ve happened if the show didn’t get cancelled. I’m so upset about that… would absolutely kill for a third season of PAC-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, I need to put all these questions to rest for goodness sake! I know that’s probably never gonna happen, but I can certainly dream.

Thanks for reading my ramble if you did, I tend to ramble a lot when I have stuff on my mind and it’s generally something unique each time, so maybe this’ll be a common thing for me. But for now, what do you guys think about all this? (If any of you have anything to say at all, of course!)


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