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Full List of IDW Sonic Releases Thus Far


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A thread dedicated to talking about and keeping up with IDW's releases for Sonic, including the main series, mini-series, one shots, and compilation titles.


Issues With Unique Content:

Main Book:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Total: 56 issues (so far, 4 to be released)

Mini Series:

Tangle & Whisper: 4 issues

Bad Guys: 4 issues

Imposter Syndrome: 4 issues

Scrapnik Island: 4 issues

Total: 16 issues


2019 Annual

2020 Annual

2022 Annual

Total: 3 issues

One Shots:

2021 Free Comic Book Day

2022 Free Comic Book Day

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing Plus Deluxe Turbo Championship Edition (reprint, adding new story "That time I got to write a Sonic comic")

30th Anniversary Special

30th Anniversary Special Hardcover (adds bonus material and new story, I think?)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill

Tails' 30th Anniversary Special

Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence

Total: 7/9 issues (depending if you count TSR and 30th reprints as being their own seperate issues)

Grand Total: 82/84 issues (so far, not including unreleased issues)

Coming Soon:

Sonic the Hedgehog #57, #58, #59, #60

Sonic the Hedgehog 5th Anniversary Edition (Reprint of issue #1 with added material)

Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 13: Battle for the Empire

Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 14: Overpowered

Sonic the Hedgehog: The IDW Collection: Volume 3

Issues Without Unique Content (Barring Cover Artwork):

Issues #1-#4 Boxset

Volume Compilations: 12 (so far, 2 to be released)

The IDW Collection: 2 (so far, 1 to be released)

Tangle & Whisper Compilation

Bad Guys Compilation

Imposter Syndrome Compilation

2019 Halloween Comicfest (reprint of issue #1)

Tangle & Whisper #0 (recap of issues #1-#12, preview of Tangle & Whisper #1)

Sonic & Tails: Best Buds Forever: (reprint of issues #1, #13, #34, & #35)

Sonic the Hedgehog (free cinema giveaway tie-in for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (reprint of issue #1 and "Jet Set Tornado" from 2019 Annual))


Tangle & Whisper Issues #1-#4 Boxset


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