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Yuji Naka Undecided on Next-Gen Samba de Amigo

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This topic was good and got turned into Yuji Naka Undecided on Next-Gen Samba de Amigo at some point.

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Yuji Naka has been talking a lot about Phantasy Star Online on Nintendo's Gamecube this past week. When it comes to porting other Sonic Team franchises on the console, however, he's a little more coy.

In an interview with Planet Gamecube, Naka-san revealed that his team "hasn't decided yet" whether to bring Dreamcast rhythm music game Samba de Amigo to Nintendo's purple box. "It didn't sell that much in America... I think the game is wonderful, so I don't know why it didn't quite catch on over here.

"We get a lot of great feedback from the press [about Samba de Amigo], I think it takes time for a game like that to gain acceptance."

Hmm. Doesn't sound too promising. Sonic, on the other hand, sounds like a lock after the Sonic Team leader was a little more playful with his words on the matter.

"I have to ask which hardware [Sonic] wants to run on," he replied with a grin, to a question about a Gamecube Sonic title.

But what about NiGHTS!? "A lot of people tell me [NiGHTS]! I haven't even made it for the Dreamcast, so we'll have to see."

Source: PlanetGamecube

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