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YouTubers and Streamers in Sonic Prime. Your thoughts?

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For context:

In Sonic Prime, while most of the character are voiced by Canadian VAs, a couple of the side characters (technically 2) are voiced by famous internet personalities.

Squad Commander Red in episode 6 is voiced by YouTube and Twitch streamer Valkyrae, who is probably the lesser-known of the two, but she's still pretty well known.

However, the big one most people know by now is that Jacksepticeye voices a pirate named Jack (and if what he said on one of his livestreams is true, other characters in the future seasons).

I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks of this. Personally, I like it. It's a neat little hidden surprise. Plus, both of them have had some experience in voice acting before, so it makes sense.

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I honestly didn't noticed.  Probably because I never heard of Jacksepticeye or Valkyrae before until this moment.  But, I just treat them as I would if any movie celebrity appeared in a TV show.  As long as they do a good job at voicing the characters they got, then I'm okay with it.

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I honestly didn't even know; so that must have meant they did a better job than, say, the people tapped for Hunt Down the Freeman. Certainly the worst voice acting of anyone on the show didn't come from any of them.

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