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New Acrylic Figures, Pins, and Stationary at AMNIBUS in Japan

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This topic was good and got turned into New Acrylic Figures, Pins, and Stationary at AMNIBUS in Japan at some point.

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Over the past two weeks, Sonic Channel has promoted a partnership with Japanese pop-culture store AMNIBUS, showing off upcoming collectables, accessories, and stationary. These will be challenging to import if you’re outside Japan as the store does not offer international shipping, but there are some neat inclusions still worth appreciating from afar. Pre-orders are being accepted until March 22, and expecting to ship in May.

The highlight of the collection is a set of acrylic standee figurines sold individually or as a pricey set. Though you’re probably quite familiar with the all-to-common stock art used for each, the simplicity of the extended cast propped up with clear acrylic and a small, circular stand definitely has a minimalist charm. They’re priced at ¥ 500 individually or ¥ 10,000 for a complete set.


Beyond the sweet shelf swag, the collection also includes pin badges, file folders, pens, handheld mirrors, an iPhone case, a shirt design, and a color-block jacket that I presume you buy if you’re trying to paint Sonic gunpla and forgot what colors he uses.



“But GX,” I hear you call out, “why would you report on such nice things that you know I cannot have.” And I reply in a hushed voice, “So that you may know my own pain when I saw this.” And because, let’s be real, acrylic standee figurines look cool.

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