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Sonic Socials: @sonic_hedgehog Shares Printable Valentines

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Welcome to the heart of the site, Sonic Social (though I prefer to think of it as the thyroid or the kneecap), where we share our favorite posts across the official socials. We're not here to dwell on the drama or the hot takes. We're just gonna open the box of cordial cherries and consume an irresponsible amount of sugar.

The official English Sonic Twitter Account shared some printable Valentines today, the kind you shared as a child in elementary school:

As always, nothing's more romantic than a man with a prominent 'stache, but we all know the only feelings Shadow can't control are seething irritation and being INCREDIBLY high-maintenance.

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6 hours ago, Indigo Rush said:

That's awesome, but..... why did they wait until the day of to release these? If you're printing and cutting and stuffing these into envelopes, you'll want to do this at least a day in advance. 

Silly Indigo, ANY day can be Valentine's Day if your love is strong enough!

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