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The creation of shadow and the sonic timeline mess


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On 2/12/2023 at 9:37 PM, Sega DogTagz said:

In terms of pure abilities? Not so much. If you really wanted to stretch it, you could dig through the weeds and pull out things like the "magic hands" from SA2 or his insta-shield from back in the day.

The biggest standout from Sonic's toolset would probably be his adaptability. No matter where Sonic goes or what he interacts with, he is often able to - near instantly - absorb and utilize that power for himself. We just saw it in Frontiers. Sonic absorbed Cyber energy en masse and used it to fuel new techniques. Tails, Knux and Amy were exposed to the same conditions and could not do that. Drop him in the story of King Arthur - and not only does he pick up swordsmanship in a flash, but he harnesses the power of their local magguffins and transforms. He picks up an extreme gear and He's on par if not better than the greatest hoverboard racer in the history of the planet in a few days. Shoot him in the heart with a fire arrow, and it somehow grants him control over speed and time. Wisps pop up, he can absorb them. Put him in a car, and he's drifting like its a F&F movie... it goes on and on and on.

You can chalk some of that up to experience. Sonic has spend a lifetime thrillseeking and adventuring making him a jack-of-all trades. No matter the situation, Sonic can adapt and overcome. He can utilize seemingly any power source and make it his own. He learns, reacts and adjusts on a scale that no one else in the franchise can match.

So Sonic is a Gary-Stu?

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45 minutes ago, dudebro1993 said:

So Sonic is a Gary-Stu?

Eh, I hate these catch all terms. Too much grey area to navigate 


I wouldn't say that. He does have a lot of the qualities you'd find in a stu, but he does have the two major factors that ultimately keep him out of that pit. 


1. Stu's lack real weaknesses. Sonic has several well defined weaknesses that are known to the player and the other characters around him. Sonic has vulnerabilities that can be exploited. 

2. Its sometimes harder to see, since Sonic is a static character in terms of development, but Sonic has defined character flaws as well. His inability to think before he acts is often called out. In the comics, his dangerous matra to give enemies second and thind chances chaffs a lot of people to no end. Despite being the beacon, plenty of games, comics and TV episodes focus on the side of Sonic that pushes people away. That is vain. That is brash and arrogant. Real Stu's don't get all that.


So it's not a clean fit into the Stu bucket. Sonics more power fantasy than self insert anyway.

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8 hours ago, Dreadknux said:

I've merged all three topics you posted, Matt98. Please stick to this one topic if you want to continue discussion, but if all you're going to do is ask questions that don't bring any discussion value (and can be easily searchable via Google or wikis) then I'm afraid I'll have to lock this topic. We're not a Q&A board.

As I mentioned in other threads, most of the whole Sonic/Shadow deal you're asking about is something that can only really be discussed with fan theories. Unless we have definitive lore/canonical answers from SEGA and Sonic Team on, it's not something that we can talk about on here as all it amounts to really is a standard "who is better, Sonic or Shadow" argument. And we're all kinda past that.

@Dreadknuxoh ok sorry what all started this was ocd intrusive thoughts im sure you probably can tell im exhausted to be honest didn't get much sleep its like riding on a hamster wheel. but so all this is just fan speculation and not hard evidence?

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You know something, I bet the Sega developers never gave this much thought, I'm not surprised. Whatever that made the game worked, Sonic and Shadow's ability and performance will be adjusted to that game. At the end of the day, there really isn't much point really to give such in-depth analysis or point out the logical inconsistencies. And that is that. 

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