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Nickelodeon 2023 Rebrand - The 'Splat' is back

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So it seems like Nickelodeon is updating it's logo for the first time since 2009 (fuck i'm old) with the return of it's iconic orange splat and white text combo. This isn't the first time we've seen this in public though, as it dates back to February 27th:

But with the production card being seen now, it's safe to say that it's finally going into full effect soon, either today or tomorrow during the Kids Choice Awards. Regardless of the when, it's a treat to see them bring back such an iconic piece of Nickelodeon history in a new, more modern way.

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Yay? It's kinda sad to say this as Nick was probably my favorite children channel back then (10–13 years ago), but I do have a feeling of "I couldn't care less".

I wonder if Nick is still even relevant today, and I know nostalgia is probably shouting a lot if I say Nick was in their prime back then with the likes of SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, Jimmy Neutron, iCarly, Drake & Josh (I think by the time only reruns) and Victorious but then 90s and 80s kid probably will say I'm completely wrong.

Nice I guess? I can't really see how it could change my life or even the brand itself.

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I prefer it to the last rebrand. The splat itself looks a bit weird but the way they stretch it in credits and promos makes it look a bit cooler, so it's slowly growing on me. This definitely feels more fresh than the flat rebranding we've been getting on something like say, Disney Channel in Europe or Cartoon Network in the US. (video examples spoilered for size)


And yeah one example is from the US and one from Europe, but these things are usually adapted overseas eventually. This sort of "look" (I don't even know how to describe it properly) of being minimalistic yet trying to have some sort of defining feature unique to the channel is becoming very common in TV, whether over the air or satellite/cable channels, especially in Europe. There's nothing I can tell you off the top of my head that strongly identifies a specific channel these days, even if back to back you can tell some key defining differences. With the two examples above, I can say now after looking at them again, that Disney Channel has swirly streaks and very bright colors, and Cartoon Network has calmer pastels with some after image effects on text. That's it. In terms of lasting impact? I probably won't remember much aside from the fact that it's "flat" and "kinda looks like the other channels these days". Then you look over at Nickelodeon and...



It's like night and day. It's unmistakably unique, uses 3D and 2D graphics, squashes and stretches the logo text and splat and has the iconic classic jingle. It's not something I would easily forget or mix up with any other channel. They're breaking the mold of what's currently trending and it's so refreshing to see. It's a great mix of modern and classic, so it's definitely a huge step up from their past branding.

Now, I don't really watch live TV much these days, so in the end it doesn't really affect me or my choice to watch the channel, but it's pretty cool to see them go to the effort for this rebranding. I could make some educated guesses on why it feels more effort was put into this vs other kids channels but I'm not about to go down that rabbit hole 😅

TL;DR: I think the rebranding looks pretty cool in bumpers and on TV, not so much as static images, but greatly appreciate the effort to make something unique compared to its contemporaries and modernizing the iconic splat.

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