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First Look at Sonic Advance Screenshots


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The first Sonic move in Sega's multi-platform conquest, and it's shaping up to be an excellent title. Having only been given the BETA Screenshot earlier, new screens have been released into the world, and new evidence shows that Nintendo could be very happy with Sonic Team's offering.

With Nintendo bound to succeed anyway with their fantastic new GB Advance, it's only smart that Sega should develop for the handheld. After announcing titles such as Chu Chu Rocket and Puyo Puyo, Sonic Advance has emerged and, looking at the screenshots, it's pretty damn good. The brilliant news is, as the screenshots prove, you'll be able to play as Tails and Amy, and Knuckles is said to be playable too. This should increase the playability of the game no end.

No news except for the characters are available (such as story or much else), but check in soon and Dreadknux will fill you in as soon as more info starts a' churnin'.

NB: This news story was also reported by Sonic News back in May (when The Sonic Stadium was experiencing downtime), you can see that article by clicking here.

sadv1-pre02.jpg sadv1-pre03.jpg sadv1-pre04.jpg sadv1-pre05.jpg sadv1-pre06.jpg sadv1-pre07.jpg 

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