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Dr. Mechano

COMIC: Dr. Nonami

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Wow it's been quite a while... I stopped following it. I'm all caught up with it now. I'm really liking where this is going, Dr. Mechano. It gets better and better.

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Uh, bit of a nitpick, but... In the second panel, Nonami seems to be smirking or smiling, when I'm pretty sure she shouldn't be. Her mouth looks just weird in that panel anyway.

Though I'm not the artist- just the writer- I can answer this question. In the script for the issue, I wrote that Nonami should have an awkward nervous smile at the sight of the cute little robots' unexpected fire power. I can definitely see how it might appear that she's just uncharacteristically happy rather than surprised/confused though, and will go for less ambiguous facial expressions in the future.

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Updates, updates! Four new pages!









Nonami evades the Mechaminions and stumbles into Dr. Mechano's "Deadly Traps Over Pit Of Lava" room! Robutler will not stand for this, and sends a guard down to impede her progress before she can reach the doctor's laboratory deep within his base.

Edited by Dr. Mechano

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