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Sonic Burger King Toys Now Available in the US


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A few months ago, we reported Sonic toys suddenly arriving in Burger Kings in Spain. At the time the full scope of this promotion was unknown, but we now know this won’t just be confined to Europe: these toys are now available in the US!

Twitter user @TheSpeedSpirit broke the news revealing that they picked up two toys, including an Amy-themed puzzle cube and a miniature Sonic basketball game with Sonic & Knuckles hoops.

A total of six toys are available. In addition to what SpeedSpirit posted, there’s also an Eggman fidget spinner, and other toys themed around Sonic, Tails and Shadow. Check out an image featuring all of them below:

2023-bkspain-1 (1).jpeg

There’s no telling how long these toys will be available, so if you want them you might want to swing by a Burger King at some point in the next few weeks. Images below are courtesy 'SpeedSpirit' on Twitter.

2023-usbk-toys1.jpeg 2023-usbk-toys2.jpeg 2023-usbk-toys3.jpeg 2023-usbk-toys4.jpeg 2023-usbk-toys5.jpeg 2023-usbk-toys6.jpeg 2023-usbk-toys7.jpeg

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