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Sonic Frontiers Update 1 - Coming March 22nd (US) / 23rd (UK)

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Frontiers DLC 1 - 'Sights, Sounds & Speed' - Coming March 23 at some point.

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More psn / xbo trophies would be nice to go on top of the other things listed.

And i'll say it now...yes, tighten up the cyberspace s ranks, but nerf 1-2 by 1 second! Please. Lol 

I think i have only manged to get s rank 5 times on it. Out of loads!!! Lol

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8 minutes ago, Indigo Rush said:

I imagine its the Power Boost in the Open Zone sections being available in Cyber Space.


Breaking da game then?


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A trailer showcasing the first update has dropped. Curiously, there's still no look at Extreme Difficulty or the Cyber Space Power Boost gameplay, which leads me to believe those were meant to be secret unlocks that Famitsu just let slip for one reason or another. I guess we'll know in a few more hours.

There's also still no Sonic 1 or 2 music in sight for the Jukebox, so I guess they didn't feel like footing DCT's bills for this.

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A Trailers up. Yes, Photo mode has filters.

*Edit* Oof! It looks like the same one from earlier. D'oh! >.< I like that you have to find the music note to unlock the tracks though.

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