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Sonic Showcase Network is back my friends and with some work still needing to be done. The layout may be given a brush up, but that'll be last thing on my list of things to do. Firstly I must get all the content where it belongs.You may note some of the older stuff is back up, as well as some new content that was updated over the last few days (Such as a Roareye's Column entry, Realism added to Art Disciplines etc).

You’ll also note a slightly different setup for the tutorials page, placing all artforms on the same page and seperated into an easier-to-navigate structure. This also helps as we’ve condensed down the amount of links for the pixel art section (Which was so large before it had 2 index pages!) to make it easier for new-comers to navigate and also keeps all the detail it had before. All the artforms will be brokeninto these sort of segments, with basic practice tutorials, advanced techniques and then specific improvements (Such as Textures for Pixel Art).


- Links and Banners is still down, but will be up soon

- History and Awards is up, although it will get more work done to it when more important pages have been completed

- Staff page is down, but will be updated soon in time for the Art Tutoring stuff (See below)

- All Pixel Art tutorials are up, updates and new ones planned but on back-burner

- New tutorials for hardware and software added, current pages will be updated. You’ll note hardware/software for all artforms coming soon ;)

- I’m currently taking singing lessons, so the singing side of vocal artwork shall also be catered for

- Editorials have hit the ground running, with much much more coming very soon from a varied artistic staff base

- Downloads are still down, but will return shortly with spritesheets and guitar tabs (With more coming)

- Podcasts are also down, but will have the downloadable episodes of The Tiger’s Eye and other artistic SSR shows

- ArtWatch has hit the main page properly, with seperate catagories for each artform AND it’s been expanded to outside of SSN’s forums too!

- Art Tutoring will be back soon in a FREE capacity, allowing for one-to-one teaching of artwork with an SSN representative

- More site skins will be made, but they’re on the back burner while more important information is updated

I want to apologise to our Affiliates, as none of that information survived the server crash. If you are affiliated to SSN and your affiliation button is missing then please e-mail me (Just click my username here for the address) and I’ll upload it again as soon as possible.

So one question may be adorning people’s minds right now. Why start back up in such a state? Well, the Editorials and Artwatch are ready to go and the tutorials will take roughly a week to get up and running. It seemed pointless to restrict the flow of updates already available for SSN for the sake of the tutorials, especially when everyone has waited so long to see the site return.

In three days we’ve had 2 brand new Editorials out, on top of the uploading of older Editorials, and more Editorials are in the works. Hopefully you’ll agree that the new SSN looks more open and less rammed than the old layout, and hopefully you’ll find the design to your liking. So come forth and venture onward. You should get updates on this site almost every day, so don’t be a stranger ;)

Roareye Black.

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