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Lego 2K Drive | Open World, Brick Based Racing (PS4/5, Xbox One/Series, Switch, PC - releases May 19th)

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Lego 2K Drive is a new open-world racing game from Visual Concepts, the studio best known for its annual licensed WWE and NBA sports games. As you’d expect from a game set in the Lego universe, there’s a strong emphasis on customizability, with the game offering over a thousand unique Lego pieces to let players build the exact vehicle they want to race in. 

Although Lego 2K Drive is an open-world racing game similar to the Forza Horizon series, it also seems to incorporate some elements of the kart racing genre. Its press release describes it as an “off-the-wall experience” featuring “unique power-up abilities.” The game is set in Bricklandia with multiple themed regions, collectibles to discover, and mini-games to play in addition to races.



Single and multiplayer game modes are available, including both co-operative and competitive modes. There’s two-player split-screen and online play for up to six players.

Developed in collaboration between 2K and the Lego Group, Lego 2K Drive is described as being the “first release in a multi-title partnership… to develop AAA Lego games.” It’s unclear whether future titles will also be racing games or whether the two companies plan to collaborate on a variety of genres.


Lego 2K Drive will be widely available on May 19th on current and last-gen consoles. The game’s standard edition is priced at $59.99 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One and $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. There’s also a more expensive “Awesome Edition” ($99.99) and “Awesome Rivals Edition” ($119.99) that include extras like post-release content that will be available earlier, on May 16th.




A bunch of impressions and gameplay videos are out now, as well:




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LEGO & All-Stars Racing Transformed


But I must say it's not a game which have completely conquered me. Either my Racing games phase is long gone, but definitely doesn't look like the game I'd want to pay full price for it. Let see how the reviews turn out.


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Yeah I'm expecting to be burned pretty bad by how the game is going to be handled. What's funny is that Hot Wheels Unleashed was a racing game with a similarly robust track and livery editor, but was also brought down by the season pass model they rolled out, with stuff like licensed crossover cars dominating the additions, taking priority over bug fixes, and ultimately killing support for the game due to how poorly it was handled. The fact that 2K Drive is offering us the ability to build cars with one of the most robust build editors the series has seen, but has the "Year 1" DLC looming over it, along with 2K's reputation... feels pretty bad I won't lie

At the very least the 1000 pieces the base game comes with doesn't sound limiting at all, so beyond how poorly it's lifespan might be handled, what it leaves behind will hopefully still be worth it

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