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This topic was good and got turned into Arcade Game Starring Rocky Uncovered at some point.

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Two obscure arcade carnival games starring some of Sonic’s animal buddies have recently been uncovered: “Air Circus,” starring the seal Rocky, and “Curling Holiday,” which features the penguin Pecky. These two machines were discovered in a high quality scan of SEGA’s 1994 Amusement Machine Guide, recently uploaded to Retro CDN.

FA890705-D262-4774-BB41-6CD29A237318.thumb.jpeg.d067aa33be278dfd2c8a864dfb326cb3.jpeg   EB3A9180-40DB-4BF0-B3CE-B3BDFB6EA716.thumb.jpeg.c751f98a5cf7fd4608c8f43d5a97c7a5.jpeg

Air Carnival challenges the player to balance beach balls on an air stream coming out of Rocky’s mouth and getting it to float. “Curling Holiday,” a miniature curling game, had two players competing to toss Pecky-adorned curling stones at a target on the table. It kind of worked a bit like air hockey. Technically, a bit of Curling Holiday was uncovered last year, when another Retro forum user posted a photo of a Pecky curling stone (which could also be won as a prize) and a low quality scan of a photo of the machine.

The machines were brought to the attention of the wider Sonic community thanks to a topic on the Sonic Retro forums, which was then disseminated to Twitter by Dave Luty.

 In addition to these high quality images, someone in the linked thread also linked to a video showing the machines in action that was posted to Youtube years ago. In addition to footage of the two aforementioned games, it also has rarely footage of the game “Sonic Canball” in action!

You can check out the footage in the embed below, or here.

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