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'Dave & Buster's' Enjoyers can win a Sonic the Hedgehog 'Waffle Maker'


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SEGA announced a new deal with Uncanny Brands as the two companies have come together to reveal a brand-new Sonic The Hedgehog Waffle Maker. Yes, that is 100% accurate. The two companies have come together to create this special waffle iron with the blue blur on it, so you have waffles smiling back at you that look like Sonic himself. Unfortunately, the catch to this is that you cannot buy the iron outright. You have to go to Dave & Buster's and win it as a prize. So if you're good at ticket machines, this is sitting in their locations starting this week. We have more info on the item below, along with a couple quotes from both companies.

"The Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle Maker is a Sonic fan and breakfast enthusiast's dream. The supersonic gadget features a bright Sonic the Hedgehog graphic on the front and a highly detailed plate inside to imprint the Blue Blur on waffle varieties of all flavors. The nonstick coating on the plates makes it a breeze to clean, so Sonic chefs can quickly speed out the door and around the Chemical Plant Zone to battle injustice. When it's not in use, it is lightweight and easy to store, making it the ideal kitchen item for any Sonic the Hedgehog super fan."


"You asked for it! We could not be happier to deliver. We've teamed up with Uncanny Brands and Dave & Busters to fuel your morning routine with the Sonic Waffle Maker! Fans have made it loud and clear that they want more Sonic appliances in their kitchens, and we look forward to satiating their demand (and hunger)," said Michael Cisneros, Senior Manager of Licensing at SEGA of America.

"At Uncanny Brands, we love celebrating pop culture and iconic video game characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog," said Matthew Hoffman, President of Uncanny Brands. "We can't wait for Sonic fans to try out the waffle maker first-hand, and we can't wait to see what types of creations they make!"




So this is a thing that is real and you can win. I don't go to DNB so I can't get this unfortunately.

Dave & Buster's for Sonic 3 when?

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