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New Sonic Lego sets are coming (for real)

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into LEGO's New 2023 Sonic the Hedgehog Sets Revealed at some point.

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It looks like they've been given leave to come up with a lot of their own ideas for these sets?  I don't recognise that (combining?) Eggman mech, nor the concept of Amy on a jetski.  Adding some toyetic quality is probably a smart move, not only to represent the character's speed (some sort of spinner is standard fare for Sonic toys), but also by way of comparison to LEGO Mario.

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The advert for this was actually really charming, I love that they got Mike and Roger on board! There's going to be lots of details I'll notice later, I'm sure, but the Chaos Cola lego piece really stuck out to me, that's such a nice little detail. And of course, it's great to see more minifigs, including an Eggman one! His brickbuild figure always felt off next to Sonic imo, so him getting his own mold is a big plus.

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2 hours ago, DaBigJ said:

I'm shocked they went the Modern route instead of Classic one, especially after that GHZ set, but I'm more than happy with this

Makes more sense then you’d think. The Ideas toy line is basically LEGO’s specifically for adults series, which is why they’re in the black boxes. They’re supposed to be display pieces, rather than actual toys. In that regard, it makes sense to make it based on Classic, because they’re trying to appeal to the adults that grew up with the series in the 90s, that’s why it recreates the life counter and everything.

These sets are a regular LEGO toy line, with play features included that means it can either be used for display by adults, or played with by kids. Since these sets are targeting everyone this time around, and Modern has once again become the main active series, and making it the most relevant, it makes sense to focus the new line on Modern now.

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Worth pointing out that a set is missing from the line-up, per the leaks earlier




Listed set numbers, prices, part counts, and releases:

76990 - 292 pcs, $29.99, 1/08/2023 (dd/mm/yy)

76991 - 376 pcs, $39.99, 1/08/2023

76992 - 388 pcs, $49.99, 1/08/2023

76993 - 615 pcs, $59.99, 1/08/2023

76994 - 802 pcs, $99.99, 1/08/2023


I'm glad the Ideas set exists for people like me who don't really care about the play focus and want more of a display piece, but these look fun enough as play sets in their own right. I don't like how the badniks look either way; that buzz-bomber needs a better build than that at the very least.

Since these are all GHZ themed I wonder if there will be more waves in the future focused on other locations, like how the Mario releases are year-on-year.

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