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Resaurus in 'Suspended Animation'; New Sonic Figures Placed on 'Indefinite Hold'

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This topic was good and got turned into Resaurus in 'Suspended Animation'; New Sonic Figures Placed on 'Indefinite Hold' at some point.

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It seems that talk of figure maker Resaurus closing down has been exaggerated somewhat. After reports that the company will be shutting down following a huge 'going out of business' sale, a new article sheds some light on the situation behind closed doors and states that what's happening now is nothing but a hiccup.

According to the piece on Figures.com, a 'very reliable online toy distributor' has revealed that Resaurus is indeed in a 'state of flux' but it's only down, not out. Many of the company's employees were made redundant, including Customer Service reps, but there is a plan to restructure the business 'and once again become a valuable player in the action figure market'.

Despite these comforting words, it remains that all new products, including the 'Sonic Series 3' figures, have been placed on 'indefinite hold'. Figures.com concludes that the figure maker is instead in 'suspended animation', rather than closure.

We'll believe it when we see it, sadly, but it's nice to know Resaurus isn't completely down yet. For what it's worth, the company forums are still shut down with the message 'Thanks to our loyal fans who have supported us through the years,' and the 50% sale on their existing inventory is still in effect.

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