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Penders Selling Original Prints of Archie Sonic 'Beat The Clock' Story on eBay


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Archie writer and artist Ken Penders has announced that he is auctioning off some rare comic collectibles on eBay, including the complete (and intact) five-page story 'Beat The Clock' and some Sega Data pages from past issues.

Speaking of the 'Beat The Clock' collection, Penders said, in a recent chat on his website, "This is probably one of the rarest Sonic collectibles - it was published in the first Sonic issue I ever wrote for, in fact - and was actually the second story Mike (Kanterovich, co-writer) and I wrote when we began submitting stories to Archie.

"Another reason for its rarity is that there are only a handful of stories from the entire run of the series that are completely intact, due to the nature of how art is returned to the artists with both the penciller and inker each receiving a share of the pages," Penders added.

"Of all the people who ever worked on the book, only Mike and I were ever able to obtain any of the early stories in their complete form. Everything else has been broken up."

The five-story package will include an extra page (the original first page, with credits intact) and will be auctioned with a starting price of $1000. Penders also revealed that the Sega Data pages will open at $150 per page and feature Julie-Su, Princess Sally, the Floating Island and Knothole Village.

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