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Ask Dr. Dre(ad): October 2001 Mailbag


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Hello all and welcome to my little shack of questions, the virtual building of troubled queries, the big sea of... erm... damn, need another word for questions. Forgotten. Never mind. Anyway, I had to take a little leave for a while, as blatantly Dreadknux is promising big things for my clinic, but he hasn't even done a bit, so I left for a while, and NOW it's all done. Just bides his time.

Just because it's the Stadium's 1st Birthday doesn't mean to say he can abandon his values. Honestly, that Dreadknux can really get on my nerves... Oh, and from what I hear, many of you have taken a fancy to calling me Dr. Dre. Why? It's insulting enough to even share half of a rappers last name (allegedly), but to be called a rap star is even... wait, I CAN be a rap star! Screw doctoring... oh, erm, I mean yay, doctoring is the best... I can see no gun pointing at my head... ow.


The Not-So-Fighting Freak Knuckles

Hey Knux, why don't you ever fight with Sonic anymore? In Sonic & Knuckles you only fight Knux if you are Sonic, but if we choose Knux we don't get to fight. I understand the storyline of the game, but it would have been better if you were able to defeat him instead. And my last question is: What is your daughter's name that you had with Julie-Su?
By HyperKnuckles222

A: As Knuckles runs off to the distance, Dr. Dread consults you with an answer...

Ugh, Knuckles can't even come round for a chat now can he without being asked questions? The Cheek!... *SLAP* Ow. Anyway... Your questions about my good friend, Knuckles the Echdina. About the battling thing in Sonic & Knuckles, I suppose it would have been better that way - to be quite honest, the whole storyline doesn't make much sense if you put the two storylines together like in Sonic Adventure.

But maybe it's set out so that the two stories don't collide - either the story goes as Sonic or as Knuckles. Although why Knuckles probably doesn't want to fight Sonic in the Hidden Palace Zone at that time is either because at that moment Sonic is fighting Eggman in Lava Reef Act 2, or fear of Sonic beating him or something? Or maybe Knuckles thought that Sonic was in Sky Sanctuary, so he headed there only to find Metallix, that idea sounds more likely.

Oh and for your last question - Knuckles and Julie-Su's daughter is called Lara-Su. Had the family over for Sunday tea the other weekend. Although don't tell Knuckles this, but his daughter isn't half loud.

Phantasy Stuck Online

I have a question. How can you use a PSO file on a different Dreamcast? Each PSO game has its own unique access code...
By Niko A

A: Unfortunately Niko, PSO is designed for play on only your own Sega Dreamcast. The access codes are there simply to register you for the online part of PSO, so whatever you do, you must register this on your own DC and not someone else's, otherwise you're in trouble when you play online.

Not too certain if you really need the access code to play the offline game, I'm pretty sure you don't, but the whole point is the online bit, so unless you play PSO online, you can register both machines with the same code, provided someone else doesn't have the game either to register with. Otherwise, you can't. So the code is there for online play and for registering the game as yours. Sorry.


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