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Sonic Serves Up Some Fun in 'Sonic Tennis' on Japanese Sonic Cafe Service


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SEGA isn't done making Sonic the Hedgehog-themed mobile phone games just yet. The latest Sonic title to hit the Japanese 'Sonic Cafe' service has the blue blur picking up a racquet and hitting the green with his pals.

2002-cafe-sonictennis1.gif 2002-cafe-sonictennis2.gif 2002-cafe-sonictennis3.gif

'Sonic Tennis' lets you choose from Sonic, Tails and a selection of other characters and serve, smash and lob your way to victory. If you hold down the enter key between strokes, you can store up power and return the ball with a harder shot. At maximum power, your shot will become a smash attack.

Players can participate in a national ranking service with a prize money pot! For every match you win, your character will earn prize money which can then be uploaded to the server along with your scores. The more games you win, the higher the prize pool will end up being. Sounds like an interesting twist on the service! Check out the screenshots below and more info on the official website.

2002-cafe-sonictennis4.gif 2002-cafe-sonictennis5.gif 2002-cafe-sonictennis6.gif

Source: Sonic Team

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