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SEGA Expects Healthy Growth Following Dreamcast Discontinuation


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SEGA has said it will meet its projections for the fiscal year, and has set ambitious sales targets for the next twelve months as the company predicts a surge back to growth.

This prediction comes on the back of discontinuing the Dreamcast console earlier in the year, and by cutting its arcade operational costs in half. Naturally, the thinking is that with overheads cut and revenues boosted from the company's new third-party publishing strategy, things will look rather rosy for the House of Sonic.

According to XenGamers, 'SEGA's chief operating officer Tetsu Kayama has reportedly reassured investors in Japan that the company will meet projections for the fiscal year... anticipating an operating profit of 11 billion yen. SEGA has set sales projections at 23 million units for the next year [and] hopes for continued sales strength in the North American market.'

"I don't think it's difficult to achieve the targets, there should be a lot of positive factors for Sega in 2002," Kayama said. "There are statistics that the U.S. game market will grow to billion by 2005 from billion last year."

Lofty goals - let's hope they hit it!

Source: XenGamers

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