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Naka: Sonic Team Currently Talking About Sonic Adventure 3

Andrew P

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We might not be waiting long to hear news about Sonic's next mainline game, as Yuji Naka has just revealed that Sonic Team is actively discussing work on Sonic Adventure 3.

In an interview with ComputerAndVideoGames (CVG), Naka reminisced about Sonic's 10th Anniversary - which happened last year - and discussed the move to third-party after the collapse of the Sega Dreamcast console. Asked about the next title in the Sonic Adventure series, the article notes the following:


Naka-san then went on to give his views on the future of Sonic. As for a completely original Sonic title on GameCube, Naka said: "As we are always trying something new, of course there is such possibility." Specifically referring to Sonic Adventure 3 he added: "Sonic Team is talking this matter over at the moment. Wait for what will come next and look forward to it, giving full play to your imagination."

Such a sequel might not even be exclusive to Nintendo's console, despite Sonic Adventure 2 Battle only appearing on the Gamecube. When asked about the possibility of Sonic running on PlayStation and Xbox, Naka was open to the idea.


Naka said: "I guess there is enough of a possibility. As you know, Sega has now taken a multiplatform strategy, so there is a possibility that we'll see Sonic on other hardware than GameCube."

But why specifically choose the Gamecube (and Game Boy Advance, in Sonic Advance's case) in the first place? Sega and Nintendo were once bitter rivals! Naka explains;


"Because Sonic absolutely wanted to run on Nintendo hardware! For myself, too, even though I have been fighting with Nintendo for 18 years, I have been feeling that I definitely wanted to develop something on Nintendo hardware at least one time."

Clearly impressed with the [Gamecube], Naka commentated: "It is hardware that I believe has a wide-ranged spread of users. Also, as it maintains high performance, it has a stable system as well, I guess."

Finally, Naka-san got a little sentimental and weird about Sonic as he sometimes does. A little 'Walt Disney', if you will.


"Sonic had his 10th anniversary last year. Sonic, to me, is something like: "Just because I like it, I develop it," but I very much thank all you gamers for the fact that I could do so many things thus far!" And where does he see Sonic in another ten years? "I cannot imagine what will become of him, for Sonic what I do just because I like it. Try asking Sonic himself!"

We look forward to hearing more about Sonic Adventure 3 when the time is right!

Source: ComputerAndVideoGames.com

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