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Sonic Goes Fishing in Latest Japanese Sonic Cafe Mobile Game


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Hot on the heels of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' and 'Sonic Golf' comes 'Sonic Fishing' to Japanese DoCoMo-powered mobile phones. This latest game in the Sonic Cafe service sees the blue blur further expanding his skillset and encroaching on Big the Cat's turf.


According to the official Sonic Cafe website, this is a time-attack style game where players must hook the most (and biggest) fish against the clock. You can select different lures at will, with certain options making different kinds of fish easier and harder to catch.

As you'd expect from past Sonic Cafe titles, there's an online ranking system where you can compete with other players across the country. See if you can get the most fish points in a single round!

Check out more details on the official website here.

cafe-sonicfishing-4.gif cafe-sonicfishing-3.gif cafe-sonicfishing-2.gif cafe-sonicfishing-1.gif

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